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Restoration Ministries serves to assist pastors and ministry leaders in their god given assignments.  To this end, our objective is to undergird one's ministry with a strong support base along with all of the tools necessary to maintain proper growth and personal stability. 


It doesn't take much to recognize that ministry takes work, in addition to attention to self care as a pivotal component to thrive long-term.  Herein lies the crux of several issues plaguing ministries today.  Below you will find current projects underway.



In conjunction with Restoration Leadership's mission, the ministry has a number of sons and daughters under its' umbrella.  We implore you to take a look and review how best Restoration Ministry can assist in your God- given assignment.



Restoration Ministries, also known as "Restoration Outreach Ministry" started as an evangelistic arm of Overseer William E. Dickerson Jr., and Greater Love Tabernacle.  As time progressed we saw the need to help pastors and ministry leaders in the area of leadership development.  Therefore Restoration Ministry was developed t o help strengthen pastors and ministry leaders.  We also used it as a way to bring about a fellowship of pastors and believers.


Overseer Dickerson has been covering pastors and churches since the mid-1990s.  In 2016 he decided to make Restoration Ministry serve in a more official capacity in regards to spiritual covering.  He accepted the call to officially serve in the office as bishop and to flow in the apostolic gifts as part of the 5-fold ministry.

Restoration will continue to reach leaders by way of conferences, revivals, workshops and other ministry tools.


101 Nightingale Street, 

Boston, MA 02169

Tel: 617-740-9483

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